Elk Park Fuel & Coal

March 30th, 2019

Needing a replacement building for the  Elk Park  coal transfer location, Barry built up a small office
 in a couple hours here and thereover two weeks. It includes a detailed interior and exterior, from wood.

CW20181013a.JPG CW20181013b.JPG CW20181013c.JPG CW20181013d.JPG
CW20190305a.JPG CW20190305b.JPG CW20190305c.JPG
CW20190330a.jpg CW20190330b.jpg CW20190330c.jpg
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"The coal transfer at Elk Park on the CWRR needed a new structure, since I kicked the old plastic office to the curb some time ago. I told to the boys to use up what they had on hand, before they purchased new materials, in an effort to keep the accounting girls in the office happy... Need I say more on that subject.... Well, after reviewing some plans, I decided I like the look of an old style general store, but it needed to be much smaller to fit the space at Elk Park. As you can see, the boys feel right at home in the new diggs. I told the boys to try out some of the new fangled LEDs for the lights. They are super tiny and fit well in the reflectors, with room to spare. The new sign on the building was made by Craig Brantley of the D+RGW Spring Division RR. Thanks Mr. C! Well, there you have it. Just another project for the books."  - -  Barry

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