Standard Gauge Passenger Truck

March 28th, 2019

The custom Standard Gauge passenger car truck is completed.  Using the one 3D printed master,
he made a mold and the side frames and some part and assembled. 
Read more details in his message below.
CW20190328a.jpg CW20190328b.jpg CW20190328c.JPG
CW20190328d.jpg CW20190328e.jpg CW20190328f.jpg
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"One of the things that I have been fascinated with for a while is Pullman heavyweight cars.  A while back, while surfing the web, I ran across Gould Studios and their train drawings with downloads. One of the items that they offer is a Pullman heavyweight coach and truck drawing downloads. I have always wanted to have detail parts printed with a 3D printer and then make rubber molds of the items and cast them. Along comes my friend, John Buckley! What a guy! He gets the Pullman truck download, and has it 3D printed in 22.5 G scale! The entire truck, less the wheels and brake shoes. The first picture is the pieces that I cut up from the 3D master and made boxes, so that I can put them in rubber. The castings came out very well. Once I cleaned them up, it was time to assemble a sample truck. 
With five foot radius on the CWRR, the wheelbase was a little too long, for the curves, so I decide to have the boys articulate the wheel sets. The wheel sets are from Piko with new tubes to stretch them out to standard gauge. These wheels sets come with ball bearing races on them, so they roll well. I made a simple box to hold them with a brass U channel that holds the bearings in place and will pick up power through the bearings."
  - -  Barry

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