February 17th to 19th


Monrovia, California





Vendor  Listing                         revised on  1 / 24 / 11


The following is a list of the initial registered Vendors for this event.

It is still many months away so please check back again to for updates.




Cimarron Works          


Citrus Roots                 


Dan Pyzel                     


Darryl Huffman            


Grandt Line Products  


                    McKenzie Brothers      

  Timber Company  


                        P B L                             


Precision Vintage Classics    - no site


RailMaster Hobbies     


Railway Engineering    


Rio Grande Models      


Southern Pacific          

  Historical & Technical Society


Turner Model Works  


Western Car Shops               - no site




                        Vendors:  please use the Vendor Registration page to register  < Vendor Reg Page >