D & R G W

Spring  Division
April 2021

Painting the Track
Building Foundations

Painted the Durango yard tracks, before ground cover.  Notice all cars moved out on the main.
Assembled a bunch of Switch Stands, painted and installed.  Worked on the Durango Coal Tower base
and the Cattle Pens.  Also painted tracks in Rio Chama by Oil Dealer.
Moved buildings in  Chama Valley  and did some plaster work.
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DRGW-SD_202104-a.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-b.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-c.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-d.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-e.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-f.JPG
DRGW-SD_202104-g.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-h.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-i.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-j.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-k.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-l.JPG
DRGW-SD_202104-m.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-n.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-o.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-p.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-q.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-r.JPG
DRGW-SD_202104-s.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-t.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-u.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-v.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-w.JPG DRGW-SD_202104-x.JPG

Photos provided by Craig
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