D&RGW - Spring Division

D&RGW - Spring Division in O/On3

The railroad is built is a custom room, 21’ x 32’ in size, over the garage. It features a walking flow design, allowing you to come up the stairs and walked around the room to the end. The layout is multi-level, with a lower staging yard, the main level has dual gauge, standard and narrow gauge, main line loop, then a branch line which climbs the mountainous terrain to reach the summit. Designed for both casual running and operations, with towns and locations along the route for switching. During a semi-formal session, 3 or 4 trains maybe in action, keeping Crews busy for hours. Benchwork is a normal 2x4 lumber, with a stud-wall style build, providing a very solid frame and base for the layout. The photo to right is a quarter scale mock up of the room and layout, before construction started. Trains are controlled using CVP EasyDCC wireless throttles. Engines are equipped with sound decoders. During Operating Sessions, the Crews use a printed Train Manifest (switchlist) generated with RailOp software. Semi-formal sessions often run 3 hours.
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Visitor Note: layout is upstairs and has narrow aisles
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