Sn3 2014  Symposium
Photo  Summary


The 2014 Symposium is now past and was enjoyed by many.  Lots of people were taking pictures,

I sure did (about 750 myself).  This page is to share a selection of pictures (about 180) that I took during

my travels at the Symposium.  I did not see it all, I did not get pictures of everything, but I saw alot!

Here is a summary of what I did see and took pictures of...       - Frolin Marek, webmaster

Clinics - summary of some of the various clinics
Contests Room - entrys and winners
Vendor Hall - showing many vendors and items
Saturday Evening - Coffee & Desert social


Black Bear & Bayou  -  HO/HOn3
Cripple Creek & Tincup  -  Sn3
Colorado & Silver River  -  S / Sn3
Denver & Rio Grande Western  -  Sn3
Elk Creek & Western  -  Sn3
East Tennessee & Western North Carolina  -  Sn3
Nevadun  -  HO
Panhandle & Santa Fe  -  HO
Sommers & Cow Creek Lumber Company  -  Sn3
Westside style lumber  -  Sn3


A video summary is in the works and should be loaded here in the next week or two.


Note:  left the better (big) camera at home.  Lessen learned, don't buy a new pocket camera just 4 days before

a road trip and hope to learn how to use it while at the event - the menus are different than my previous model.


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