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Dick Jorgensen's  HOn3 / HOn30

Colorado and

Rio Grande Southern RR


This HOn3/HOn30 layout is based on Colorado narrow gauge and incorporates scenes from RGS, C&S and

freelance two-foot railroads.  The track plan features upper and lower levels, joined by dramatic and

continuous mountain scenery.  The backdrop is hand painted and depicts actual scenes from Colorado mountain scapes.

Digitrax radio control is used to operate this 18' x 13' layout, which is about 75% complete.


Jorgensena.JPG Jorgensenb.JPG Jorgensenc.JPG Jorgensend.JPG
Jorgensene.JPG Jorgensenf.jpg Jorgenseng.JPG Jorgensenh.JPG
Jorgenseni.JPG Jorgensenj.JPG Jorgensenk.JPG Jorgensenl.JPG


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