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Scott McLeod's  HOn3

Rio Grande Southern


This is a layout in transition.  The previous layout has been dismantled, the layout room renovated and construction of a new 380 sq. ft. RGS layout is underway.  Photos show the current bench work progress.

Sky blue walls will soon be filled with hand-painted mountains scenes.  These initial photos show completion of 60 ft. of bench work for Ridgway (lower) and Pandora (upper).





Here you can see the three levels of the Track Plan.  Click each image to see a larger plan.




Bench-work continues at a steady pace and the four update photos from March show the progress.





Note:   click on any of the images to expand the image to see a much larger picture file!


This layout conversion was started in early November, the progress you see has been in the last couple months!


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Page updated on  3/30/13