February 17th to 19th


Monrovia, California




Museums and Railroad Sites to go see

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Knott's Berry Farm

An early American "theme park" known to many Colorado narrow gauge fans, as having various pieces of D&RGW and RGS equipment "in service" on the park's own 3 foot gauge railroad.  Lots of fun rides in the park too.

*** Special - Engine Facility Tour:   a tour has been arranged for early Sunday morning of the Engine Shop!

   The park is about 31 miles from the Symposium hotel.   More details and sign up at the event.




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Travel Town

The museum collection has various pieces of railroad equipment on display, narrow gauge cars from the Oahu Railway and the Carson & Colorado, later SP NG line.  On display you will see locomotives from Diesels to Shays to Traction, freights cars, passenger cars and cabooses.  The museum has it's own 16" gauge park train.  It is located on one end of Griffith Park, which also features the the 18.5" Griffith Park train, and near by the Los Angeles Live Steam club and track.

The museum is about 18 miles from the Symposium hotel.



  Equipment List:

  Park Trains to ride:


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Orange Empire Railroad Museum

The museum has a collection of various railroad equipment, including diesel and steam, traction and trolley, standard and narrow gauge. Of interest to the Sn3 crowd will be the nice selection of various narrow gauge engines and cars, including the Ward Kimball collection. The museum is very large and will take some time to walk the grounds to see all of the various items on display, both indoor exhibits of items and equipment, and outdoor railroad equipment.

The museum is about 64 miles from the Symposium hotel.



  Narrow Gauge equipment list:


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