Rio Chama  -  Town Re-do  -  March 2013 

During a weekend visit from a friend, Eddie and Craig discussed scenery options.

Well the next thing was all the brown paper came down, then so did the level of the town.

The town area was redone, with more space and a lower second level area.


Here we see the original view, then two new views of the town and basis for the scenery.

DRGWSD_RioChama1a.jpg DRGWSD_RioChama1b.jpg DRGWSD_RioChama1c.jpg

Same photos but with an old Black & White look...

DRGWSD_RioChama2a.jpg DRGWSD_RioChama2b.jpg DRGWSD_RioChama2c.jpg

Now same pictures just cropped and zoomed in on the buildings...

DRGWSD_RioChama3a.jpg DRGWSD_RioChama3b.jpg DRGWSD_RioChama3c.jpg

And here they are without the plywood or brown paper...

DRGWSD_RioChama4a.jpg DRGWSD_RioChama4b.jpg DRGWSD_RioChama4c.jpg

Rio Chama sure has a new shape and look, can't wait for scenery and color !

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Created  4 / 5 / 13