D&RGW  -  Spring Division



Revised in  March 28th, 2016


This is a collection of video files, of various trains running on this O/On3 railroad.


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The layout was open for the 35th Nat’l Narrow Gauge Convention in 2015
Watch the convention’s promo video for this railroad

Watch the first trains to go over the new Truss Bridges after being

installed during the Summer of 2015

Ride the rails in the Cab from Durango Yard, over the dual gauge mainline,

then uphill over the Spring Division to the end of the line at Spring

Ride the rails in the Cab heading downhill, from Spring, over the line and

down to the Yard in Durango, including the dual gauge mainline

Follow a C-16 class, 2-8-0 as it travels from Spring, downhill to Durango.

This is a “Dual Gauge” railroad, both 3ft and 4ft 8 ½ inches between rails

Watch a Standard Gauge freight as it travels around the main line

Follow a K-36 class, 2-8-2 freight train from Spring downhill to Durango

Chase a Passenger Train uphill powered by a K-28 2-8-2


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