RC Helicopter  -  Video Clips



Page revised on  8 / 21 /  2006


Video clips I have taken (or will be adding), of various RC Helicopters and theirs Pilots,

taken in the area.  Some at the Alamo Downs field, my own flying or at area Fun Flies.



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  August 20th, 2006 – me flying around in the back yard



   Blade CX    2.6meg      Flying the small Blade CX outside with a breeze can be a challenge


   Raptor 50   5.3meg         Early days of learning to hover the R50, staying over the 11x11ft pad



  August 19th, 2006 – the guys flying at the Alamo Downs field in San Antonio



   video-1       2.3meg      A short pan shot showing the two heli-pads at Alamo Downs


   video-2       4.1meg        Charles with his Raptor 90, some high altitude flying


   video-3       10.2meg    Steve doing some nice high speed flying


   video-4       6.4meg     Jack practices an auto in and then does some high flying


   video-5       5.6meg     Jack circles around some with his Raptor 50


   video-6       16.5meg    John has some fun with his Raptor 90


   video-7       6.4meg     Charles has more fun with his Raptor 90


   video-8       3.5meg     Charles just flying around some more