San Antonio Radio Control Helicopters  ( SARCH ? )


Alamo Radio Control Helicopters  ( ARCH ? )


      South Texas Radio Control Helicopter Group  ( STRCHG ? )



This page is setup to provide some basic information about Radio Helicopters and Pilots,

around San Antonio, Texas area.  There is currently no ‘formal’ club or organization. 

Many pilots are lone-wolves, flying on their own at home, school yards and such.


Many fly largr Nitro powered helicopters,  while many others fly small electrics helis.

No matter the power it’s a radio controlled helicopter and we are having fun with them!


***   I am looking for other Heli Pilots,  so please send me an email to say ‘hello’, with your name and what you fly   ***


There is a handful of guys that fly on the West side of the City, in the Alamo Downs Business Park.


< Pictures >   of the guys flying in the Alamo Downs Business Park  (plus some info on the group)


< Videos >   of flying at the field  (this link jumps to my Video page, so scroll down to “Alamo Downs” clips)


< Aerial >   photo from Google Earth of Alamo Downs field  (note: the two white dots are the pads)



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