The  first

Marek Mountain Railroad

in HO scale in 1991










Around 1980, I found a new hobby in this new gadget called a "computer".  Yea I was a Computer Geek even before the term "PC" was in use.  Moving to San Antonio in 1985, I continued running a dial-up, public “bulletin board system” called “FBBS” (years before the Internet, I was typing messages online).  After a few years, I was looking for a change (break), when I found my old hobby of model railroading.  This lead me building my first layout since the 4x8 my dad built for me in 1970.  It was in HO scale like what I grew up with.  Kinda big and complex for a first timer, ya think?


The layout was 12ft by 5ft and loosely based on a plan from “101 Model Railroads”  (me follow a plan?).  It was designed for operations and had a continuous run as well.  It  featured a yard, 3 towns/switching areas, a 5 track run-thru staging area, a switch-back, and a 26ft long, 3% grade.  Plus expansion options on either side.  Think about it, a layout designed for operations, with staging, way back then by a new guy back in the hobby?


The name “Marek Mountain” did not come until a couple years later, with my next layout which was in G scale.  This HO layout had a nickname of the “Roller Coaster Railroad”.  I could let a stock HO Athearn boxcar loose on the upper level and it would roll smoothly all the way down and across most of the yard.


Some interesting points:  It was ‘built inside’ my upstairs, one bedroom apartment and was on one side the 12ft 6in x 14ft living room.  It was on casters and could be rolled away from the wall to access and work on the back side.  And designed to be split in half, for a future move or sale (can sorta see the joint areas).  The layout was sold and still exists today in San Antonio, with scenery and an expansion module added.


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