Video Clips



Revised on  6 / 20 /  2007


A couple videos clips of Marek Mountain Railroad and equipment…


   Note:   These are Windows “wmv” video files.  The video file size is noted next to the name, for reference.

Due to size, it may take a minute or two to download if using a DSL connection, longer with a modem.


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   Rockwood  2.4meg      my new ‘Std. Ga.’ SW-1 diesel loco is test run on the C&W RR

In May 2007, I  acquired a custom built, Standard Gauge  (22.5 scale, Gauge 3)  SW-1 diesel. 

My friend Barry and I  converted it to DCC, added sound and worked on the drive some. 

Here is a quick video clip of it with a complete ‘G scale’ Standard Gauge train on his C&W RR.


   Uphill Run  2.5meg      early video clip of a train running uphill via the Master Bedroom

In February of 2000, using an early digital camera with video mode, I filmed my custom built Mallet

with a Freight Train running from the temporary mid-level Yard, uphill to the upper town of Silverado.

The train runs through the Hot-Water-Heater tunnel, through Vista Grande (in the master bedroom),

and up to Silverado.  This is early video and grainy.