The original  Marek  Mountain  Railroad

My first permanent indoor Gn3 layout, that was built in the "living room" area

of a rented duplex. The track plan was designed for maximum operations.

This layout was started in September 1991 and dismantled in January 1996.


The Start - photos of the first tracking laying, the first train in 1992, and the Track Plan.

Construction - photos that show the empty living room after I moved in, laying track, covering the windows with the backdrop, and the start of hardshell scenery.

Final Appearance - photos of the layout, showing the initial scenery, temporary structures, some ground cover, and such. These show what it looked during many hours of running trains, switching cars and having fun. The layout was not finished, when it was dismantled when I moved.

Detail Scenes - photos of select scenes, including the mock-up buildings, the mines, and such. Plus some angles of trains being switched.


The Story - this is a story I wrote in December of 1994, that tells of how "Grandfather Marek moved to Colorado and built a railroad". It also explains the layout, the construction and components, and how trains were operated over this railroad.


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