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Scale Comparison     What is “G scale” and what is “G gauge”.  A comparison of 1/22.5 and 1/29 scale diesel locomotives.


   May 2010    Standard Gauge Gondola arrives, 41ft long and it's big next to the LGB gondola

   April 2009    Standard Gauge Caboose arrives, primed and painted, needing lettering

   Aug 2008b    my Standard Gauge train to date, an SW-1 diesel and two tank cars

   Aug 2008a    two Standard Gauge tank cars, painted and after decals,  plus next to an LGB tank car

   April 2008      Standard Gauge tank cars under construction by Barry Bogs, for his layout and mine

   June 2007    short summary of my various non-stock locomotives

   May 2007      stretched Passenger Car project produces new longer coaches