Alamo Area Mini-Meets

When I got started in "riding scale" I looked at various gauges of track to build. I decided to go with 7.5" gauge, because it is by far the most popular gauge in the US, and more so, in Texas.

As I proceeded, I found that there was little to no local communications in the San Antonio area. I was fortune to stumble across a veteran "live steamer", Bob Briggs. And had meet James Dafler. Both having tracks in the San Antonio area. And both interested in playing trains with others in this gauge. So, I searched out and found a handful of folks area these parts, from Wimberley to McAllen, who had equipment.

Over 1999 and 2000, we have had several "mini meets" in the "Alamo Area". On average, we have played about every two months, more or less. Saturday morning or evening sessions.

The following are groups of photos from the various meets...

Coon Creek Railroad - the private track of Bob and Alma Briggs, with some photos taken at various meets in 1999.

Rusty - the switch engine of Ken Rhodes, that is modeled after the diesel loco in the Thomas the Tank Engine series.

...more photos will be coming, so please check back again!


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Last revised on 11/20/04