Interchange Track

 The following are links to web-sites for various 7.5" guage railroad sites and vendors who sell products for equipment that operate on this gauge...



Annetta Valley & Western - a large private track, near Fort Worth, Texas. This is a point to point railroad with about 4000 feet of mainline, radio dispatched, passing sidings and landscaping!

Sandy Ridge & Clear Lake - a narrow gauge railroad in Michigan, modeling in 3 3/4" scale on 7.5" gauge track. The equipment is similar to the equipment operated on the Maine Two Foot gauge lines, including the Sandy River. The railroad operates on 8# and 12# rail, with almost 4000 feet of mainline. This is an "operating railroad", where ballast is hauled, logs and firewood is hauled and so forth (new site link – April 2002).


Clubs and Clubs with Tracks:

Southwest Live Steamers - the club in Texas and Oklahoma area. The club has no track, and has meets 7 or 8 time a year, at the tracks of various members.

Houston Area Live Steamers - the club in Houston, Texas, that has a large and growing track northwest of Houston. The club has run days each month. The current trackage is about 4000 feet.

Live Steaming - although not a club, this site is a great source for information. And the best site I have found, for links to many web-sites for private and public tracks, and many vendors with web-sites.



Cannonball - This firm produces the popular Super-Mack loco, which I had a great time running as one of the early "leased engines" I had. I use their couplers on my equipment and their trucks under my rolling stock. They produce a gasoline switcher, an electric Box-Cab, rolling stock and track, to mention a couple items. (new site link – Fall 2001)

MDM - This firm produces 1.5" scale diesel locomotive. These include the common GP-7/9 locomotive and the large GP series engine. They also sell trucks and other parts.

Mountain Car Company - This firm produces rolling stock, from boxcars to tank cars to riding cars. They have couplers, trucks and brake systems. Many of the cars found of various tracks, are MCC products.

Roll Models - This firm produces locomotives and drive systems for diesel electric engines, and now gasoline locos. This is the firm that I purchased the trucks for my narrow gauge diesel from. They also sell several neat Trolleys for 7.5 gauge.


More sites will be added... but I suggest you visit the 'Live Steaming' site for the best list of web-sites to visit!

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