Tom Casper’s  SR&CL  Photos


The following various groups of photos I received from Tom Casper,

Engineer and Communications Officer on the Sandy Ridge & Clear Lake Rlwy.

These are photos either he took, or taken by others, that he sent me.


Page last updated  2/13/07


Some photos are larger format.  You may notice the screen auto-reduce size to fit your screen when they load.

If you want to see the “big picture” and details, click on the ‘expand’ arrows in the lower right corner of the screen.


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  Feb 2007       February Operations in the snow


  Dec 2006      Fall Extras, more trains in December


  Nov 2006      Fall Operations, trains hauling firewood  ( link fixed )


  Sep 2006       New Flat Car 437 is built


  Aug 2006      Work has started on a new flat car


  Jul 2006        New trucks are fresh out of the shop


  Apr 2006       Track work, includes maintenance and expansion


  Jan 2006       Freight Extra, the firewood must be hauled


  May 2005     Operations weekend with three engines steamed up


  Apr 2005       Working on the railroad, track work, hauling ballast and freight


  Mar 2005      Snow Plow Extra, using the new Shay


  Feb 2005       Freight Extra, hauling firewood in the snow


  Jan 2005       Photos of Extra 7 and a derailed Flatcar 438


  Shay 2004     Some pictures of the Clear Lake Logging Shay #4, in 2004