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Page created on  10 / 16 /  2006


 These are short video clips I have taken while visiting the railroad in recent years.

 The files are not large, the quality not super, but hope some videos to enjoy.


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   video-7         2.3meg    Santa Fe grain train passes by on the main line East of Brenham


   video-6         1.9meg       General pan and overview of the train room


   video-5         1.3meg    The morning Express from Marble Falls arrives at Caldwell


   video-4         1.8meg     The afternoon Express returns to Marble Falls


   video-3         1.4meg     The Branch Line train leaves Marble Falls the morning


   video-2         1.2meg    The Branch Line train passes through Giddings


   video-1         1.6meg     The Branch Line train arrives in Caldwell