November 2010  Visit  and  Operating Session

Another great operating session on Jack's layout today.
First are a few photos to show a summary tour of the layout and 'Train Room'.
Followed by pictures taken during the 'Operating Session'.

Simply click on any picture, it will expand.  Then you can easily advance through the pictures in that group.

The Train Room

LSSF110610aa.jpg LSSF110610ab.jpg LSSF110610ac.jpg LSSF110610ad.jpg LSSF110610ae.jpg
LSSF110610af.jpg LSSF110610ag.jpg LSSF110610ah.jpg LSSF110610ai.jpg LSSF110610aj.jpg

The Operating Session

LSSF110610ba.jpg LSSF110610bb.jpg LSSF110610bc.jpg LSSF110610bd.jpg LSSF110610be.jpg
LSSF110610bf.jpg LSSF110610bg.jpg LSSF110610bh.jpg LSSF110610bi.jpg LSSF110610bj.jpg
LSSF110610bk.jpg LSSF110610bl.jpg LSSF110610bm.jpg LSSF110610bn.jpg

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