New Braunfels Summer Train Show  -  August 2009

The group setup a simpler layout at the show on August 15th, and even had the 'Live Steam Division' with a display.

HCONBS09a.jpg HCONBS09b.jpg HCONBS09c.jpg HCONBS09d.jpg
HCONBS09e.jpg HCONBS09f.jpg HCONBS09g.jpg HCONBS09h.jpg
HCONBS09i.jpg HCONBS09j.jpg HCONBS09k.jpg HCONBS09l.jpg
HCONBS09m.jpg HCONBS09n.jpg HCONBS09o.jpg HCONBS09p.jpg


The stage lighting was not so great, so some pictures are not as crisp as past years/shows.


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