The Glenbrook Valley Railroad is a HO/HOn3 dual gauge layout, located in Houston, Texas.  The layout has two levels, with the lower level being a freelance HO shortline railroad based on various Eastern roads.  The upper level is both HO and HOn3 (narrow gauge) and based on the Denver & Rio Grande, Rio Grande Southern and shortline lines around Silverton, and southwestern Colorado.
The initial layout was started in 1996.  After a few years after it was expanded to about 1300 sq ft.  Then in 2010 it was greatly expanded adding another 2000 sq ft.
Today the today train room is about 3300 square feet!
Trackwork on the narrow gauge, upper level is completed.  The standard gauge, lower level is progressing at a fast pace.  The switches are all hand-laid.  Various scenes feature completed and highly detailed structures, while some feature mock-ups of those to come.


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