Barry Bogs'  Ferdinand Magellan


July 26th, 2020

Barry has finshed the car and it is now on the railroad

CWRR-2020075a.JPG CWRR-2020075aa.JPG CWRR-2020075b.JPG CWRR-2020075c.JPG CWRR-2020075d.JPG
CWRR-2020075e.JPG CWRR-2020075f.JPG CWRR-2020075g.JPG CWRR-2020075h.JPG CWRR-2020075i.JPG
CWRR-2020075j.JPG CWRR-2020075k.JPG CWRR-2020075l.JPG CWRR-2020075n.JPG

"The boys in the shop delivered the FM to the Colorado and Western RR today, and what a celebration it was!  I was so happy to see everyone get on board the car at the Durango Station for it's maiden voyage.  The girls in the office made the scalloped fringe for the back of the observation deck and hung it on the back of the car.  The music played as the train left the station with the newly christened 2-10-2 F81, and they were off and running.   The train stopped at the Rockwood station before it went out onto the high line.  The  train crossed the high line wooden bridge and then ducked into the tunnel to everyone's delight.  The train stopped again the see the sights in the Silverton area, and then it was off again for more adventure....  All in all, it is a happy day to ride in the Presidents personal observation car!  I hope you have enjoyed the ride on one of Pullman's finest Explorer series car.  I for one am now a Pullman fan and I am sure that this is not the last of the Pullman cars."  - -  Barry

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