Barry Bogs'  Ferdinand Magellan

Car  Interior  Work  Complete

July 23rd, 2020

The interior scenes have been painted, with figures and details added

CWRR-20200723a.JPG CWRR-20200723b.JPG CWRR-20200723c.JPG CWRR-20200723d.JPG CWRR-20200723e.JPG

"The boys in the shop have had the rear in gear getting the interior finished on the FM. As you can see, Everybody wanted to come see how it turned out!  The waiter runs up and down the isle on the left side of the car delivering drinks at the end of the car, from the dining room.  Of course, music is needed to keep everyone happy and set the mood.  Hits for Glenn Miller Big Band play 40"s music from the phonograph, while everyone enjoys the treats from the kitchen."  - -  Barry

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