Barry Bogs'  Ferdinand Magellan

Car  Interior  Work  Started

May 9th, 2020

This car willl have a complete interior.  Here you can see the initial work has started.

CW20200509a.JPG CW20200509b.JPG CW20200509c.JPG
CW20200509d.JPG CW20200509e.JPG CW20200509f.JPG

"Here is the latest from the BLW shops! The boys in the shop have been doing a lot of head scratching these past two weeks, trying to figure out what to use for the interior of the FM. I caught some of them reading dollhouse magazines and catalogs, looking for 1:24 scale items, to furnish the car. I had to give them some slack, as they have never had to do an extensive interior on any model. There is very little real information on the prototype car interior out there on the web, so the boys are guessing at times, but I am pleased with what they have come up with so far. Everything so far has had to be fabricated in the BLW shops. The boys are working on some masters for tables, chairs, cabinets and other appointments as we speak. Castings will be made and installed for the next update. I am toying with the idea of having a waiter go up and down the long isle on the left side of the car, picking up drinks in the dining area and serving them to the guests in the sitting area at the end of the car.   - -  Barry

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