Barry Bogs'  Ferdinand Magellan

Wall  Construction

March 29th, 2020

On to the side and end walls, Barry cut out the walls from styrene and proceeded to "install the rivets"...
which means drill a hole, insert an HO track nail, and repeat...  and repeat again, over and over, and over.

CW20200329a.JPG CW20200329b.jpg CW20200329c.JPG CW20200329d.JPG
CW20200329e.JPG CW20200329f.JPG CW20200329g.JPG
" I know it has been a while, but things take time, when you are installing thousands of rivets in passenger car sides 42 inches long! The boys have been complaining about hand cramps of other body malfunctions after riveting just one side. I think they are just a bunch of moaners and complainers myself.  Well, the riveting is all done, the molds made, and the next update will have at least the box assembled and part of the roof on it. I was going to send out the sides to have them cut on a laser, but no one with a laser in the area had one large enough. With that, I directed the boys in the shop to hand cut the windows and door openings. Again, I had some moaning, but I am use to it by now."   --  Barry
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