Barry Bogs'  Ferdinand Magellan

Truck Construction

March 2nd,2020

In late February and first of March, Barry worked on the 6 wheel passenger car trucks for the car.
Take note at the semi-articulate design to allow the 3rd axle to pivot more in his 60 inch radius curves.

CW20200300a.JPG CW20200300b.JPG CW20200300c.JPG CW20200300d.JPG
CW20200300e.JPG CW20200300f.JPG CW20200300g.JPG CW20200300h.JPG

"First order of business was to create the trucks that the car will ride on.  Using designs that have been successful for BLW in the past, I had the boys in the shop regauge the Piko wheel sets to SG, and build axle boxes for the wheel sets to run in. Of course they have ball bearing races on them for smooth running. Once the wheel blocks were done, I had the pattern shop create the master for the side frame. The master was sent to the casting shop, and the production parts were made. The boys then assembled the trucks, with all the brake rigging. With the trucks behind, or should I say under them, I can start on the roof (mold) master."  --  Barry

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