Barry Bogs'  Ferdinand Magellan

Roof Construction

February & March  2020

Barry started on the roof construction for an RPO project and the Ferdinand Magellon car.  The roof itself presents
some complicated variables, from the curved design to the rounded ends.  He devised a plan to build a 10 inch section,
make a mold of that section, then cast several sections and attach them together.
Below you can see the master, using curved pieces cut with a laser by Dan Stuettgen, wrapped with styrene.
Then drilled and HO track nails inserted to simulate the roof rivets.  A mold will come next.

CWRR20200230a.JPG CWRR20200230b.JPG CWRR20200230c.JPG
CWRR20200230d.JPG CWRR20200230e.JPG CWRR20200230f.JPG

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