Cedar Break & Rattler  Railroad

Video Clips  Page


  This area features video clips taken on the railroad.

  There are normally two files, a large format and small format.

  They are the same video, but one has less quality, is smaller for dial-up users.


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Page revised on  9/18/07



  3.5meg       850k       Freight train coming downhill on the Branch line from the mine and logging spur


  6.2meg    1.5meg      Main line freight running from Little Creek up towards Frolin’s Wye


  5.2meg    1.2meg      Main line freight coming downhill from the Wye through the tunnel to Little Creek


  9.4meg    2.2meg      Most of layout run, from inside yard, around bedroom then outside to Little Creek


  8.6meg    2.0meg      The new Railbus running by Little Creek and headed back inside