Tom Fausser  -  South Brooklyn Terminal Railway  -  HO
The South Brooklyn Terminal Railway is based on a proposed but unbuilt line that was to connect the various harborside railroads in Brooklyn circa 1913.
  The layout now set in the late 1950's features four industrial switching zones all sharing a common 5 track stub ended yard.  Operations are carried out with GE 44 tonners on the South Brooklyn Terminal Railway and GE 70 tonners on the South Brooklyn Railroad with shared trackage.  Large industrial buildings, tight radii, street trackage and car float operations utilizing a crew of four operators amongst urban scenery 85% complete.  All turnouts are manually thrown, all locomotives are DCC equipped with sound.  EasyDCC system with tethered throttles, car cards and waybills used to direct movement.
Note:  upstairs, not handicap accessible

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