Steve Campbell  -  Cherokee Sub Frisco  -  HO
The Cherokee Sub of the Frisco is set in Tulsa, OK circa 1950 and resides in a 23x30 upstairs room accessed by stairs or elevator. 1950 was chosen because the Frisco was still 60% steam then but was completely diesel by the end of 1952. The ATSF and MKT were the other class 1 railroads serving Tulsa and are represented along with interchange with the Sand Springs RY.
The entire RR is within Cherokee Yard limits. Operations include servicing local industries, interchange between railroads and the arrival of the Frisco Meteor which dropped a Pullman at Tulsa Union Station before continuing to Oklahoma City. All locomotives have sound, realistic momentum, function 6 braking and NCE control. Operation is low pressure and include yardmaster and helper, Mid-Continent refinery, MKT, ATSF and 2 SLSF industrial zones. Scenery is complete with future refinement planned. All rolling stock and engines are weathered. A required union break with refreshments is observed mid-session.
Note:  upstairs, handicap accessible via stairs or elevator

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