Sammy Carlile  -  Santa Fe Hereford Subdivision  -  HO
The Santa Fe Hereford Subdivision is an HO scale layout that occupies 2.5 bays of a 3 car garage in my home.  I model the Santa Fe Transcom mainline from Amarillo, TX west to Clovis, NM during Sept of 1995.  My layout is a double deck design with an around the room helix with approx. 230' of mostly single-track main line that is governed by CTC signals that are controlled by a dispatcher in an adjoining room.  There are staging yards with return loops on each end of the layout so once a train reaches the end of its run, it's re-staged and ready to go again if needed during the session which typically last from 3 to 4 hours.
All track is complete and all scenery is complete also.  Backdrops are photos taken at many actual locations along the actual line modeled.  The floor has carpeting as well.
  Control is Digitrax wireless and communication with the dispatcher is aided with provided 2-way radios.  The layout has been featured in Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman and The Cowcatcher roundup.
Additional pictures can be found on his photo site by clicking here  
TU21-SC-a.jpg TU21-SC-b.jpg TU21-SC-c.jpg TU21-SC-d.jpg
TU21-SC-e.jpg TU21-SC-f.jpg TU21-SC-g.jpg TU21-SC-h.jpg
TU21-SC-i.jpg TU21-SC-j.jpg TU21-SC-k.jpg TU21-SC-l.jpg
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