Randy Smith RGS Northern Division Sn3

The Sn3 RGS Northern Division is inspired by the northern half of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad, from Ridgway to Rico in Colorado.  This is not an attempt to re-create the RGS, though our family has enjoyed visiting the area and photographs of us on the RGS right-of-way are scattered around the layout for inspiration.  At this time the mainline track is complete; trackwork still remains to be done in Rico and for the Ridgway turntable.  The track plan was designed for two purposes: point to point operations and continuous runs for train watching, open houses, etc.  The helix that provides the continuous run can be used as staging for Durango in an operating session.  


The layout was designed and built for DCC and currently operates with NCE wireless throttles; I plan to setup a Raspberry Pi to provide WiThrottle use with smartphones in the future.  Turnouts are controlled using DCC, and a separate accessory bus keeps turnouts (and other accessories such as building lights in the future) operational when there is a short on the track.  The layout is broken into DCC power districts related to visible trackage rather than the route of the track, so if track power goes out in one area, the train causing the short should be visible in that area.  There is no scenery at this time, though some hard-shell has been installed around the Ophir Loop using expanding foam and fiberglass screen to keep things very lightweight. Well known buildings in the Ophir Loop area currently have foamboard stand-ins to help visualize the scene.


Note:  upstairs, not handicapped accessible

TU21-RS-a.jpg TU21-RS-b.jpg TU21-RS-c.jpg TU21-RS-d.jpg
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