Kenneth Ehlers  -  Pandora & San Miguel Railway  -  Sn3

The Pandora & San Miguel Railway depicts the southwest Colorado Rio Grande Southern in September, 1942 and includes that part of the railroad from Ridgway to Rico.  The main line is 200 feet with interchange with the D&RGW at Ridgway and has staging at both ends of the layout.
Operation is easy paced but busy there is lots of switching.
  Helper locos are required on most freights.  Locos have Tsunami sound and run at scale speeds.  Operation uses time table and train orders with prototype way bills for car forwarding.  The layout is 99 per cent sceniced and has many scratch-built structures and trestles.  Featured in Narrow Gauge Gazette - November, 2017.
Pertinent information:     Scale:  Sn3     Size:  23 by 23.5 feet     Operation system:  Digitrax

Note:  upstairs, not wheel chair accessible

TU21-KDE-a.jpg TU21-KDE-b.jpg TU21-KDE-c.jpg TU21-KDE-d.jpg
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