David Steensland  -  Silverton & Lake City  -  HOn3
The S&LC RR is a fictional narrow gauge Hon3 railroad.  The modeled portion of the railroad is from Silverton to Lake City with Durango and Gunnison represented by hidden staging yards.  The layout includes lots of craft and scratch-built structures, hand laid track, and the scenery is about 80 per cent finished.
There are two branch line railroads feeding into the S & LC. One is a logging railroad and the other serves ore operations.  There are a number of trains daily connecting Durango with Gunnison, Colorado, with stops in Lake City and Silverton to do work.  There are also locals out of Silverton and Lake City serving mines, industries and branch line interchanges.
An operating session can include up to 5 operators.  Control system is NCE DCC and most engines are sound equipped.  The railroad is located up a flight of stairs.  No radios are required.
Note:  upstairs, not handicap accessible, aisles are a bit tight
TU21-DS-a.jpg TU21-DS-b.jpg TU21-DS-c.jpg TU21-DS-d.jpg
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