Dale Baker  -  Port of Catoosa Railroad  -  HO
The HO Scale Port of Catoosa Railroad is a representation (Proto-freelance) of modern-day rail operations at the Tulsa Port of Catoosa. The layout is a single level, shelf-style layout situated in a 12.5' by 11.5' room. It represents the day-to-day switching activities of the Port of Catoosa Industrial Railroad and is serviced by two rail connections that are modeled on the layout. The railroad is fed by the SKOL (A Regional Railroad) from the West out of Owasso Oklahoma and the BNSF (Class 1 Railroad) from the East at Catoosa Oklahoma. The Port traffic includes steel in coils, tank commodities, grain cars, lumber cars, flat cars and some box cars with miscellaneous cargos. The Port operates its own locomotive power in a distinctive burgundy and blue scheme.

The layout itself is elevated at 50" approximately rail height above the floor. It is set low enough to allow an operator to reach into the layout to access turnouts for operations. All turnouts are hand operated. DCC by Digitrax and throttles are wireless, WiThrottle is also available. The layout is controlled by Yard Limit Operations throughout. It is located in a non-pet/nonsmoking home. Restroom is located just outside the layout room. A Crew Lounge is available to relax and sit.

Note:  not handicapped accessible

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