Tours - Layouts, Exhibit and Hobby Shop

 A selection of photos provided by Bob Hayden, showing several layouts attendees should be able to visit,

along with a Santa Fe steam locomotive project and local hobby shop...


Art Lorenz - Sn3 - D&RGW Third Division

Lorenza.jpg Lorenzb.jpg Lorenzc.jpg
Lorenzd.jpg Lorenze.jpg Lorenzf.jpg


Bill Sedivec - HO - freelance Eastern railroad

Sediveca.jpg Sedivecb.jpg Sedivecc.jpg


Bob DuBois - HO/HOn3 - D&RGW Fourth Division

DuBoisa.jpg DuBoisb.jpg DuBoisc.jpg DuBoisd.jpg


Bob Hayden - several railroads, most On30, at one place

HaydenHOn30a.jpg HaydenHOn30b.jpg HaydenOn30a.jpg HaydenOn30b.jpg


Chuck Cover - HO - Pennsylvania RR

Covera.jpg Coverb.jpg Coverc.jpg Coverd.jpg


Dave Jamriska - HOn3 - freelance Colorado and New Mexico

Jamriska1.jpg Jamriska2.jpg Jamriska3.jpg
Jamriska4.jpg Jamriska5.jpg Jamriska6.jpg


Dan Pyzel - Sn3 - D&RGW Chili Line

Pyzela.jpg Pyzelb.jpg


Dick Rotto - HO - Santa Fee Raton Pass

Rottoa.jpg Rottob.jpg Rottoc.jpg Rottod.jpg


New Mexico RailRunners - N Scale Modular

NModulara.jpg NModularb.jpg NModularc.jpg


 Sante Fe 2926 - Prototype in Restoration

Loco2926a.jpg Loco2926b.jpg Loco2926c.jpg


Trains West - Local Hobby Store

TrainsWesta.jpg TrainsWestb.jpg



Last update given...  12/21/11