Sn3 Symposium 2010  -  Houston


Operating  Sessions



There will be several operating sessions held this year!


          We have several model railroads that will host semi-formal “operating sessions” this year.

          These are not visits to run a train, but scheduled sessions lasting normally 3-4 hours long,

where you will work as the Train Crew on freights as they go about the routine of

switching cars, delivering freight, hauling the goods and having fun


There are limited Crew slots and this is by reservation only. Some layouts, especially the

narrow gauge ones, have limited slots. The sessions will be held during the afternoon break

on Thursday, as to not conflict with clinics.  Folks who sign up will thus be going to operate

on one layout, instead of visiting several layouts that are open for general home touring.


We will try to schedule all layouts so that those hosting closed for op sessions, will be open

on another day for general tours.  And most other layouts will be open so that if you commit

to operate one day, you will still have options to visit most other layouts on other days.


An email was sent about the first of February, to everyone registered at that time, inviting

them to sign up for an operating session if interested.



Frolin Marek  is coordinating the Operating Sessions



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