Sn3 Symposium 2010  -  Houston


Model & Photo Contest

 Rules and Information



Contest Room Hours


Wednesday  6:30 PM - 10:00 PM Enter Models Only

Thursday     8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Enter/View/Vote

                   7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Enter/View/Vote

Friday          8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Enter/View/Vote

                   7:00 PM - 10:00 PM View/Vote

Saturday      8:00 AM - 10:30 Pick Up Only



A sample of the plaques to be given to contest winners  à





Model Categories


Motive Power - Just as it implies anything capable of moving on its own. Steam, diesel or gas powered.


Rolling Stock – All forms of rolling stock except Caboose or Maintenance of Way.


Caboose/Maintenance of Way – Any type of caboose of MOW equipment.


Structure – Any on-line or off-line structure. Cannot have any scenery planting building/structure.


Diorama – Building or buildings with scenery base. May have buildings, track, rolling stock

used to create a detailed scene.


Photo Print Categories


Black and White Model – A photo of model or layout in Black and White or Sepia tone.


Black and White Prototype – A prototype photo done in Black and White or Sepia tone.


Color Model – A color photo of a model or layout. Can be taken digitally and printed out on a computer.


Color Prototype – A prototype color photo. Can be taken digitally and printed out on a computer.



Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.

If the category doesn’t fill (at least 3 models) out only a best in category award will be given.



By popular vote. Ballot boxes will be in contest rooms. Only ballots supplied with registration packets will

 be allowed for voting. Extra ballots will not be supplied. All ballots must be in by 10:00 PM Friday evening.


Model Contest Rules

All models or photographs shall be build entirely or photographed by the entrant with no other persons help

   and should portray narrow gauge or short line railroad subjects or related items.

A total of three photographs may be entered for each category in the photography contest.

A model or photograph that has won First Place in a previous National Conventions contest cannot be entered.



Sizes: 5" x 7" through 11" x 14"

No framed photos.

Photos may be matted. Unmated photos must be mounted on cardstock.

Digitally and computer enhanced photos may be entered in all categories.


Entry Definitions

Structure - Can not have any scenery or it will be considered as a diorama.

Display Only - Entries not to be judged may be shown only if space allows


Description Cards

A 3 x 5 note card with typed or computer generated text with information about

   prototype or construction is allowed.

No hand written cards please.



All packing containers must be removed from the contest area.

Packages, bags or purses WILL NOT be allowed in the contest area during general viewing hours.

They must be checked upon entering the contest area and claimed when leaving.

No models may be removed before 8:00 AM on Saturday except in cases of emergency.

Upon retrieval, all models must be signed for by the original entrant or his/her representative(s) with

  written authorization.

The touching of any entry by anyone other than by a contest official or its owner is strictly prohibited.

The Model Contest area will be staffed during viewing hours and locked down during non-viewing hours.

We ask everyone to honor the rules and security precautions.


Photography of Contest Entries

Photos of entries may be taken whenever the Contest Room is open for viewing and voting.





  < PDF >     Contest Rules and Information  (as listed above)


  < PDF >     Contest Model & Photo Categories  (as listed above)


  < PDF >     Contest Entry Form   (also available at the door)


  < Doc >     Contest Entry Form, in MS-Word format



Chuck Lind will be coordinating the Contests.  If you have any questions,

    you can email them before hand by clicking this link…     < email >



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