The Los Gatos Railroad


The outdoor model railroad of Jon & Joan Lindgren



The Los Gatos Locos Railway is a “G gauge” railroad located

in Converse, Texas and has been in operation since 2004. 


The layout is constructed in a planter which is two feet high.  The longest side

is 95 feet while the largest cross section is 35 feet.  The railroad has a natural

2.5% grade and a mainline just over 350 feet long.  There are 65 turnouts on

the layout, with 58 being remote controlled.


Trains are controlled via wireless handled throttles by Locolinc, by KeithCo,

which uses a constant 18VDC track power and a received and sound in each loco.

The layout is designed for operations and uses RailOp software to generate switchlists.



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