Updates taken during Christmas Party

December 2015

Lots of scenery work has been completed, much of the track is in, progress continues.
It is hard to show in pictures, how big this 3300 sq ft layout really is...
gbv20141213a.jpg gbv20141213b.jpg gbv20141213c.jpg gbv20141213d.jpg gbv20141213e.jpg
gbv20141213f.jpg gbv20141213g.jpg gbv20141213h.jpg gbv20141213i.jpg gbv20141213j.jpg
gbv20141213k.jpg gbv20141213l.jpg gbv20141213m.jpg gbv20141213n.jpg gbv20141213o.jpg
gbv20141213p.jpg gbv20141213q.jpg gbv20141213r.jpg gbv20141213s.jpg gbv20141213t.jpg
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