Breaking thru the Wall !

Late February  2011


Benchwork had been progressing on the 'other side of the wall' for months.  It was time.
The scenery cracked, the rails pulled up, the benchwork cut, a hole was put in the wall.
Expansion in to the next room, another  2 0 0 0  sq.ft. of train room came to be !

gbv20090411f.jpg gbv20110200x.jpg gbv20110228a.jpg gbv20110228b.jpg
gbv20120818l.jpg gbv20120818m.jpg gbv20120818n.jpg gbv20120818o.jpg
The first two pictures are from 2010 and 2011.  Look at the back left corner above the tunnel portals.
Then came the hole in the wall.  The connection between the two rooms was opened up.
Compare the top row 2nd photo to the first photo bottom row, to see the tunnel portals are gone.
The last three pictures are from mid-2012 and show the connections on upper and lower levels.
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