D & R G W

Spring  Division
May 10th 2021

Painting and Plaster
Durango Stock Pens

Rio Chama area was painted and rocks colored.  Track also got some paint.
The tunnel over the stairway received a tunnel portal.
Durango Stock Pens got some work and ground cover.
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DRGW-SD_20210510-a.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-b.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-c.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-d.JPG
DRGW-SD_20210510-e.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-f.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-g.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-h.JPG
DRGW-SD_20210510-i.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-j.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-k.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-l.JPG
DRGW-SD_20210510-m.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-n.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-o.JPG DRGW-SD_20210510-p.JPG
Photos provided by Craig
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