D & R G W

Spring  Division
May 3rd 2021

Scenery Work
Tunnel Portals

Plastic cloth up to protect the layout while doing plaster castings in  Rio Chama.
Then cut wood for tunnel portals and retaining walls.
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  DRGW-SD_20210503-a.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-b.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-c.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-d.JPG  
DRGW-SD_20210503-e.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-f.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-g.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-h.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-i.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-j.JPG
DRGW-SD_20210503-k.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-l.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-m.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-n.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-o.JPG DRGW-SD_20210503-p.JPG
Photos provided by Craig
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