Walking Tour of the Railroad  -  June 2018

Take a photo tour of the railroad, from a Visitor's prespective.  From coming up the stairs, to walking the aisles.
You will see the mountain scenery, on one side floor to half way of the wall, other side, tracks going thru it.
Various structures in place, as the towns and areas are being completed.  The large Durango railyard.
These photos should give you an idea of what the railroad looks like when visiting...

DRGWSD_Jun2018a.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018b.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018c.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018d.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018e.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018f.jpg
DRGWSD_Jun2018g.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018h.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018i.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018j.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018k.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018l.jpg
DRGWSD_Jun2018m.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018n.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018o.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018p.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018q.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018r.jpg
  DRGWSD_Jun2018s.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018t.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018u.jpg DRGWSD_Jun2018v.jpg

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